Oreste Del Río

Something that since I was little I have enjoyed speaking a lot, therefore, one of the things I like to do the most is give lectures, also because I love dealing directly with people. I am generally invited to participate in different conferences to speak on topics related to either leadership, social development, cultural initiatives, or my professional experience in the field of diplomacy. Having already published around 100 articles in different newspapers both in Latin America and the Middle East and two books that mainly collect my personal and professional experiences, I love to validate the information that I share with those who participate in my conferences using both books. 

I do not remember exactly how many lectures I have given, but without a doubt I remember with great affection very particular things about each one of them and I always try to learn also from those things that the public shares with me to meditate a lot about them and in this way develop content for myself. next conference. I have given conferences in my country, Panama, as well as in Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina, Spain, and Qatar 

We had a pleasant conversation with the architect, author, lecturer and Ambassador for peace, Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, with whom we discussed different topics related to his books, his fight against violence, his lectures and his message to the world. The conversation was directed primarily to our friends in Qatar, as we were collaborating with the Global Shapers Doha Young Leaders Group, which was the primary reason for the conversation to be in English; however the video is duly subtitled in Spanish, I hope you enjoy it. 

26 may 2020



Message from the Hon. Ambassador of the Republic of Panama in Qatar to HH the Emir and the people of Qatar.

17 Jan 2020

At the Doha International Book Fair, Oreste del Río Sandoval launches his new book «Warriors in times of sacrifice».

3 Jun 2020

Conversing with Carlos Eduardo Rubio.
We spoke with the former Minister of Government and Vice President of the Popular Group

18 May 2020

Conversation with Qatari artist and art ambassador Muna Khalid Al-Bader

3 Jun 2020

Conversing with Omar Ahumada Administrator of the Passport Authority



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