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«Letters on the wall»

This interesting compilation of articles covering all, or almost all, of the topics that a person with sensitivity and intelligence tries to analyze in modern times, makes us reflect on think about the importance of the role and figure of the writer and analyst. Oreste Del Río Sandoval, reveals himself to us with a broad, modern and historical criterion, refreshing the memory of past events, whose results are part of the liquid modernity we live in today and that in one way or another, international diplomacy tries to give balance through fair policies and cultural exchanges.

Topics such as «How to fight corruption», «Thirty years after Chernobyl», «A path for education», «For a transparent policy» or «Sex education in the digital era» among others. These titles bring us back to the forefront of the critical issues that these topics can make us debate, and at the same time exhort us to participate in the search for solutions, to achieve peaceful and harmonious coexistence among nations. Thanks to you, Oreste, for once again touching that dormant fiber and taking us by the hand towards a tomorrow where the new generations can achieve a fairer and more equitable world

Olga Sinclair

Each word has its own meaning, but conceptualisations do not lead to results without action.

Let us take our ideas beyond mere thought, let us invest more time in acting than in talking, let our dreams not be summarized in intentions, let our greatness continue to be based on the product of hard, committed work that makes us proud.

Letters on the wall



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