Letters on the wall

Este libro es una interesante recopilación de artículos escritos
por Oreste Del Rio que cubren una variedad de temas,
que una persona de sensibilidad e inteligencia intenta analizar
en los tiempos modernos.

Oreste Del Río

By profession, I am a lawyer but my vocation is politics. Creo que podemos ayudar a más personas a través de la política. I also do philanthropic work back in Panama and was the president of youth’s political parties in Latin America

Oreste Del Río

Lawyer and Expert in Political Science from the University of Panama. Offers in the area of of International Law a global advisory service specializing in International Trade and and Investments.


The audios I have prepared will accompany you wherever you go. Enjoy these contents of varied topics, reflections and experiences.


This is my personal blog. Here you will find information related to a variety of topics.

A friendly hand

Education and happiness must stop being seen as a luxury for many of them and become a real and effective right for all equally.